Revamp your marketing and sales processes

Our aim is to help companies transform their Marketing and Sales Departments, adapting them to a new model in which traditional and digital tactics can coexist naturally, supported by technology tools that help analyze and measure the profitability of your actions.

To achieve this goal, at Modern Partner Factory we propose a holistic approach based on three components: vision -which has to do with the company’s business model-, focus -which refers to setting sales objectives for a company and its partners- and processes -whose definition is essential to achieve the objectives-.

With a new approach

Until a few years ago, most sales activities involved identifying needs, presenting the product and closing the sale. Now, Marketing and Sales teams need to work together, they must generate trust and connect with customers throughout all the phases of the customer journey.

This paradigm shift has forced companies to adopt Modern Marketing techniques, in which strategy gains importance and having a team made up of specialists and led by marketing process experts becomes a priority.

At the same time, the Sales Departments have to adapt to new Modern Sales methods. This implies renewing methodologies and adopting omni-channel strategies that allow the Sales Reps to know in which phase of the customer journey the client is at, what information they may offer at each stage and how to guide them towards the sale following the formulas provided by Marketing.

New approach

Challenges for modernization of marketing and sales processes


Do you use Inbound Marketing tactics to attract and consolidate your customer relationships at each phase of the Customer Journey?


Do you use campaign automation tools and have you defined your Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring strategy?


Do you know how to implement an Account-Based Marketing strategy?


Does your team use social media to get to know your target audience and your competitors better, to sell or position your products and brands?


Do your Reps have the right tools and contents to best position your solutions?


Do you know how to measure the return on your and your partners’ actions?

The method: strategy, execution and technology

After more than twenty years of specialization, we have designed our proprietary methodology based on three core pillars: strategy definition, action execution and use of innovative technology. Coordinating these three elements guarantees success with Modern Partner Factory.


We help your Marketing and Sales teams work collaboratively throughout the sales process with a defined roadmap: starting with a business opportunity analysis; defining objectives from different angles (geography, product, segment); and detailing action plans customized for each target account, working with Modern Marketing tactics.

We apply Modern Marketing techniques to generate engagement. This is a new method that focuses on the creation and distribution of customized content for each user.

Through data-driven analysis, social listening and process automation, we develop ultra-personalization strategies (Account-Based Marketing) that gain sales.

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If you need us to accompany you during the transformation process, count on Modern Partner Factory. We are specialists in modernization of distribution channels, sales and marketing processes in B2B environments.