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Cookies are files containing a small amount of data that are downloaded into the user’s device when visiting a web site. Their main purpose is to recognise the user every time he/she accesses to Cookies allow us also to improve the usability and performance of our web site.

Cookies are essential to the proper functioning of the Internet. Cookies can not cause any damage to the user’s computer/device, and if they are enabled in the network settings of your browser, they help us to identify and solve any possible operating errors at


There are different types of cookies. While all of them operate in the same way, there are little differences among them:

  1. Session Cookies. Session cookies last only as long as your web browser is open and they are deleted when you close it. Their main purpose is to identify the type of device being used, and to support the functionality of the web site or its basic functionality. These cookies do not contain any information that would allow us to identify you as an individual.
  2. Persisten or Permanent Cookies. They are stored on your device’s hard drive and they are read by our web site every time a new visit to occurs. They have an expiry or expiration date, and the cookie stops operating when they reach it. These cookies allow us to identify your actions and preferences, to analyse your visits, and they help us to understand how users get to our web page and to improve our services.
  3. Functionality Cookies: They allow to recall the decisions taken by the user, such as his/her login or identifier.
    Information collected by these cookies is anonymised (meaning it does not contain the name, address, or other user’s details).
  4. Third-party cookies. Third party cookies are the ones installed by a web site which is not the one being visited, for example, the cookies used by social media (such as Facebook), or by external elements of content (such as Google Maps). Additionally, some advertising companies use this type of files to measure the number of visitors on each site they place they advertisements.
  5. Analytic Cookies. These are cookies whose purpose is providing regular maintenance and guaranteeing the user the best functioning and service by collecting his/her activity data.


By accessing the user expressely accepts that we may use this type of cookies in his/her devices. If cookies are disabled while browsing, your navigation may be not optimal and you may find that some of the functions do not work properly.

a) Cookies on our website

In order to automatically recognize you and provide a better service, our site uses own cookies (small text files stored by your browser). The advantage of accepting our cookies is that operations are more time-efficient. Likewise, cookies can be also used to recognize you after successive visits, thus adapting the content that is showed to you; to obtain information about the date and time of your last visit; to measure some traffic parameters within this web site, and to estimate the number of visits, which allow us to focus and adjust the services and promotions in the most effective way.

No cookie permits the possibility of contact via your phone nuber, your e-mail address, or by any other means of contact. No cookie can extract information from your hard drive or steal information of personal nature.

Name              Purpose

User validation cookie to enable you to sign in Web administration

b) Third-party cookies. Google Analytics Cookies.

Name              Purpose




These cookies of Google Analytics generate an ID to an anonymous user, which is used to measure the number of times {} the user visits the site. The first and last time you visit the web site is also registered. Likewise, these cookies estimate when a session has finished, the user’s origin and keywords.


In order to complaing with the current legal provisions, we at provide the necessary information to set your Internet browser/browsers in order for you to mantain your privacy and safety in what regards to cookies. Thus, we provide information and links to the official support websites of the main browsers, so that you are able to choose if you accept the use of cookies.

Thus, you may either choose to block cookies using your browser configuration tools, or you may also configure your browser to be notified when cookies are to be received:

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings. To know more, visit y

If you are using Firefox, under Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies. To know more, visit

If you are using Chrome, under Options > Advance Options > Privacy. To know more, visit

If you are using Opera, under Safety and Privacy you will be able to set your browser.  To know more, visit